One cat just leads to another…

I seem to be getting a lot of traffic from folks looking for lol cats.
Oh, well. Since I’m not doing much here lately, here’re some links for you accidental tourists. Enjoy!

The picture above is from Ape Lad’s Flickr set
The real origin of Laugh-Out-Loud Cats
I can has cheezburger?
LOL Cats, Volume 1
LOL Cats, Volume 2
Macro Cats
Rate My Kitten
Kitten War 
The Infinite Cat Project
LOL Cat Bible Translation Project 

“One cat just leads to another.” ~Ernest Hemingway


7 Responses to “One cat just leads to another…”

  1. WfC Says:

    Have some intentional traffic, Mme. Chew.

    Good to read you, as always. Don’t really have much to say, just wanted to drop a line to say, thinking of ya, hope things are well in your part of the world.

    Many blessings!

  2. Cat Chew Says:


    Oddly, I get a lot of folks looking for Jesus, and testicles here (as well as captioned cats), so it’s especially good to see someone stop by just to say “Howdy”!

    Blog bless us, every one!
    Live long, prosper, and enjoy.

  3. WfC Says:

    : )

    Thanks for swinging by my place. Tried to post earlier here (maybe last night?) and the connection dropped. Always, always, always nice to read you, Mme. Chew. Hope things are well.

    I’ll be around again at the beginning of the week.

    Many blessings!

  4. WfC Says:

    Thanks for the “welcome home” post!

    Saw you over at Sam’s the other day (catch ewe later), shoulda stopped by here earlier. Think I’m gonna do a brief post at my place, maybe next week, detailing the misadventures that ensued in Mexico. Was about %85 fantastic, and %15 pain in the ass. Glad to be home.

    CatCh you later!

  5. WfC Says:

    Hehe! Glad you liked the pics. We had such a good time. I’ll let ya know when some more of the folks post their pics. We should have a few hundred total, by the end.

    Many blessings, Mme. Chew!

  6. WfC Says:

    : )

    Nothing to say, just passing on some friendly thoughts and blessings.

    Hope all is right in your world.

  7. BlueRootsRadio Says:

    There’s nothing funny about cats. Cats is serious bidness.

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